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  • How does Pool Tiger work?
    Pool Tiger is an inline cell (like a chlorine or salt cell) that is installed on your return line. As the water is pumped through, it is rapidly heated to over 1500F at a microscopic level through a natural process called cavitation.
  • What is cavitation?
    Cavitation occurs when water is rapidly displaced, causing 'air bubbles' where there is no air. One common example is that of the bubbles around a boat's propeller. Or you may have seen the beer bottle trick in the following videos. Here's a very short explanation: Here's a more in depth explanation:
  • Does Pool Tiger use chemicals?
    No. The Pool Tiger relies only on cavitation and it's anitmicrobial coating. There are no chemicals, and no power required.
  • How often does Pool Tiger need to be replaced?
    Never. Pool Tiger is a one-time installation and comes with a lifetime guarantee.
  • Can I install Pool Tiger myself?
    Yes! If your the hands-on type, Pool Tiger is very easy to install. Please see our installation instructions.
  • What is a Pool Tiger and what does it do for my pool?
    The Pool Tiger is a revolutionary adaptation for swimming pools using a natural occurring phenomenon known as dynamic cavitation to: ⁃ naturally eliminate contaminants dramatically reducing chlorine demand by 70%. ⁃ Distributes negative charges to suspended particles for maximum filtration. ⁃ Aids to remove and prevent biofilm, calcium, stain and scaling on the surface of the pool.
  • How does he Pool Tiger reduce chlorine demand?
    The pool industry has traditionally relied on the use of chlorine to sanitize pool water and kill contaminates. This is changing. Propelled by the pool pump, water passes through specially designed nozzles that create a low pressure environment inducing cavitation. A sonic wave and intense heat from imploding bubbles kills microorganisms. Combined with an anti microbial pvc surface we get a 99% kill rate for these contaminates. So now that the Pool Tiger is killing algae, viruses and other contaminates you will not need the volume of chlorine your accustomed to using.
  • How does the pool tiger deliver clearer water?
    All swimming pools contain microscopic particles that can easily pass through cartridge and sand filters. These particles contribute to a lack of clarity and provide a food source for algae. The Pool Tiger contains a metal coil that puts a negative charge on these particles causing them to bond together in the pool. As these bonding particles become enlarged, they will be filtered out giving your pool a clarity that you have to see to believe.
  • How does the Pool Tiger keep the surface of my pool clean?
    The extreme effect of cavitation on water molecules gives it an exclusionary property to the water as it tends to gather at the surfaces of the pool, be it plaster, fiberglass, or vinyl. This exclusionary feature helps to remove and prevent biofilms, calcium, stain and scale from the pools surface.
  • Does installing a Pool Tiger mean we won’t get Algae?
    No, microorganisms and algae are a broad variety of contaminants and many can survive in a properly balanced swimming pool. All pools do need some level of chlorine. The pool tiger will be killing 99% of these contaminants passing through it, this significantly reducing the amount of chlorine your pool will require to combat algae.
  • Do we still need to use chlorine with a Pool Tiger?
    Yes, all pools need to maintain a chlorine residual of at least 1ppm. This can be done with tablets, salt cell or etc.
  • What is the lifespan of a Pool Tiger?
    The Pool Tiger uses no chemicals, electricity and has no moving parts. It’s construction is rigid and anti-microbial. It will never need to be replaced and comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Will the Pool Tiger work with my salt system?
    Absolutely, salt systems are very expensive and you will need to replace your cell every 3-5 years. The Pool Tiger, killing contaminants, will extend the life of your salt cell by reducing its need for producing chlorine.
  • How does the Pool Tiger do what it does?
    Cavitation is created by the flow of water into a low pressure environment that generates vapor pockets. These pockets then implode on generating a deadly and powerful sonic wave as well as an intense heat that exceeds the boiling point of water. This extreme force of nature destroys microorganisms, and combined with the Pool Tigers antimicrobial surface we are achieving a 99% kill rate of biological organisms that pass through the cell.
  • What can I expect from your pricing?
    Much of our pricing depends on the specific pool and task. However, we can give prices for certain routine jobs, and you can use it as a guide. Service Call - $90 Hourly Labor - $75/hr Open/Close - $250 Sand Change - $300 Inspection - $395
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