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Pool Tiger
is here!

 Get 15% OFF

Pool Tiger is a simple inline cell that will cut your sanitizing costs by up to 70%! But this isn’t just a cost saving device, it is a powerful new way to maintain your pool providing sanitation as well as cyanic acid control, algae issues, and you water will be so clear you will definitely notice. 


Pool Tiger sanitizes water with the heat from the Hydrodynamic Cavitation (HC) process and a proprietary additive in the thermo-plastic components – killing more than 99% of bacteria and other contaminants. 

Pool Tiger works on any kind of pool, no matter the primary sanitation method. 

For more information, please see our FAQ or visit the manufacturer.

No moving parts. No power. No chemicals.


Environmentally Friendly

The Manufacture and use of  swimming pool chemicals is heavy with toxic pollutants, harsh on our bodies and harmful to land and aquatic environments.  Our planet would appreciate us choosing to use fewer of these chemicals.

No Maintenance

Because Pool Tiger uses no electricity, has no parts to replace and requires no maintenance you will find NOTHING easier or more environmentally friendly, period.

Natural Sanitation

Pool Tiger harnesses the power of a natural water phenomenon, cavitation.  The result is a significant reduction in such chemicals as chlorine, algaecides, coagulants, clarifiers, de-scalers, sequestering agents and ph increasers.  And don’t forget lower maintenance time.

Malu, TN

"I could barely afford to keep my pool running. Pool Tiger cut my chlorine use up to 70%!"

Daniel, TN

Using Pool Tiger, we have gone from running two chlorinators at full blast, to one chlorinator at a minimal rate of flow and turned the salt cell off for the winter. Chlorine consumption has been drastically reduced by 50-80%!"

Lauren, TN

“I have never seen my pool water so crystal clear!”
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